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We provide a wide range of audit services including:

  • Self-Insurance Audits
  • WHS Act and Regulation Audits
  • WHS Compliance Audits
  • WHS Implementation Audits

Our professionals are all experienced Auditors.  They are all Exemplar Global (previously known as RABQSA International) certified.  They have been auditing for a number of years and are considered to be thorough, objective and fair by our many clients. 

Minerva supplies all clients with an in-depth audit report.  The report includes clear recommendations to improve the safety practices and ensure compliance.

Audit Spotlight – Working At Heights
Compliance Audit

In NSW this year already, there have been two deaths from falls from heights.  The latest Safe Work Australia statistics released show that 28 workers die each year following falls from ladders, roofs and vehicles.  Further nearly, one in ten injured workers hospitalised between 2006 and 2009 were admitted due to injuries sustained from a fall from height.   These deaths and injuries can be prevented.  WHS Compliance Audits are carried out to determine whether workplace practices are meeting legislative requirements.  By carrying out these audits, our trained professionals can determine what action needs to be taken to meet legislative standards. 

Minerva can conduct a Working at Heights Compliance Audit.  We have an audit tool that will check procedures against the relevant sections of Chapter 4, Hazardous Work, of the WHS Regulation 2011 and the Managing the Risk of Falls at Workplaces Code of Practice July 2015.

Our report will provide recommendations to improve working at heights safety.

To arrange a Working at Heights Compliance Audit, please contact our friendly administration team on
1800 441 602 or
[email protected]
Minerva's Other Audit Services
  • WHS Act Audit
  • WHS Regulation Audit
  • NAT Audits - System Audits, Site Implementation
  • Claims Management - Self-Insurer, Compliance
  • Emergency Procedures/Fire Safety Audits
  • Machine Guarding Audits
  • Placarding and Safety Signage Audits
  • School Safety Audits
  • WHS Compliance Audits - hazardous chemicals, facilities, asbestos management, noise and PPE



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