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We provide a wide range of safety services including:

  • WHS Auditing
  • WHS Management development, review and updating
  • WHS Training
  • WHS Consultancy

Our experienced professionals are qualified in health, safety, scientific, engineering and educational disciplines and have been working in safety for many years; they are qualified, certified, highly trained and sought after for their expertise and knowledge. 

Workers Compensation Claims Audits

Claims Management Audits are conducted to determine if organisations have processes in place to ensure a timely, safe and durable return to work for injured workers.  Claims management audits assess the return to work processes used to check that procedures are followed and that quality claims management outcomes are achieved.  Minerva Claims Management Audits are designed to assist Self-Insurers check their compliance with legislative requirements for injury and claims management, highlight areas that need improvement and identify any opportunities where systems should be amended to ensure WorkCover Claims Management Audits are passed.

Self-Insurers are required to conduct annual self-audits and develop an improvement plan based on the results of the self-audit; submitting a copy of the self-audit to WorkCover in line with the licensing requirements.

Auditor Qualifications

Audits must be conducted by a suitably qualified and experienced team or individual.  The audit team or auditor will have/be:

  • a lead auditor who has successfully completed a formal auditor training course.
  • a team member who has a minimum of five years' recent experience within the workers compensation insurance industry.

Audit teams should not evaluate claims they have been personally involved in to ensure auditor independence.

Minerva Claims Management Auditors are all certified auditors who have been conducting these audits for a number of years.  Minerva supplies clients with a detailed report to assist clients improve their claims management processes.

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Minerva also conducts Claims Management Auditor Training.  This dynamic course is designed for all staff working in workers compensation.


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